about - we lit radio

We Lit Radio is the brainchild of SC & DB Enterprises Inc. SC & DB Enterprises Inc. currently brings you Beats Magazine, What's Really Good The Magazine, and Indie Rock Magazine. We Lit Radio is the next in line of projects to help us bring underground music to the masses.

We Lit Radio is determined to bring you the radio played music you are used to, along with the underground Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B that you are not, on the same station. Our music variety is second to none. We hope that you listen to the station and let the rest of the world know that we are here to bring the beat to your ears.

For the community we will have Gospel music every Sunday at 12 noon Eastern time. Our mix of Gospel Rap and mainstream Gospel is a welcomed sound to your ears. Talk about mixing it up. Sunday evenings are filled with live recordings from some of the best R&B, and Rap groups of our time. The Be There Live show is unique to radio and we have procured some of the best live music show recordings of all time. We think it is a shame artists very rarely record live shows and put them out for their fans. We hope this show will quench your thirst for being at the concert.